Are you gorgeous dolls ready to get the Peruvian Hair ? We bet you have already picked the perfect festive-appropriate outfit and you are determined to win the spotlight. Still, in order to stand out you should also inject a little bit of glam into your Lace Front Wigs. If you rock a head-turning shortie and you just don't know how to wear it, check out these stylish holiday hairstyles for short hair and get inspired! Trust us, you'll be the ultimate chic babe at the 360 Lace Wigs !

We totally love an uber-voguish shortie. It is versatile and despite the idea that it doesn't allow to many styling possibilities, you can now have a lot of fun playing around with your short crop. Oh, and it is extremely feminine! If you're more like the rock chick type of girl, you can try the messy, rather punky version. Besides, if you have longer lengths in the front, you can use them in order to give a high-drama edge to your cut. You can also wear your shortie with volume backcombing a few sections and applying some hairspray so your style stays in place. Absolutely fabulous!

Add elegance and sophistication to your party look with a sexy hairstyle for your short crop. You can dress up your shortie and add a glossy touch using different products to switch up your hair. Keep it simple and remember that a great style is always synonymous with locks glowing with health. Oh, but what we mostly heart about a short cut is the speedy styling time it requires. Therefore, simply grab some wax or gel, rub between your hands and run through your shortie. Have a nosey at these stylish holiday hairstyles for short hair and prep to flaunt a seriously posh look. With or without parting, you'll undoubtedly make an entrance and steal the spotlight!

So, tousled style not your thing? You can always opt for a sleeker version or for enviable finger waves. The result will be more than cool screaming maximum old glamour. Therefore, if you're brave enough, experiment with your styling and take your chop to a whole new dimension. An awesome one, of course! These holidays hairstyle ideas are a great source of inspiration!

For a '20s-inspired look with defined finger waves, you just need a few products and a little patience. So, you don't need heat if what you are looking for are some defined finger waves for your shortie. Just use your fingers and a comb to form the shape of the waves. For a beautiful result, start with freshly washed hair and make sure it is not completely dry. Add some hair gel with your fingers, make a ridge and pull with a comb to shape the curve. Simple and with a chic vintage feeling!

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