Remy Human Hair Extensions
Remy human hair extensions is a term used when Hair Weave are: sourced, collected and processed using a particular method(s). The most important aspect here is the cuticle, which need to be present and all aligned in the same direction for it to be named Remy hair.

Virgin Remy Human Hair

This type of hair is 100% human and unprocessed, sourced or donated and collected in bundles e.g. from India (usually gifted through Temples), Asia and Eastern European donors. The hair is collected as ponytails, ensuring the cuticles are intact and aligned (running in the same direction). The Full Lace Wigs is then sorted into categories. For example: length of hair, colour of hair, condition of hair. The age of the donor will also help to determine the condition, e.g. in recent years, some supplier’s grade hair using letters (A+, A++ etc.). This grading process also helps to determine the quality and selling price of the hair.

Virgin Remy Human Hair Pre-coloured
This type of hair will be the same as above but undergoes some form of processing. For example, colouring or perming, typically to change the hairs natural shade (offering customers a wider range of colours) or creating different textures e.g. bodywaves, curly hair etc…

The price, density and wear time of this type of hair will be determined by the origin and donor. Subsequently, there is good quality and poor quality hair produced, often directly related to the manner in which the hair is collected. So be aware, all that shimmers may not be Remy!

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