First of all, let us talk about Brazilian Hair. Straight hair and body waves are very common fashion of waves extensions. Of course those extensions can be human hair or synthetic! human hair weaves extensions are more popular and hot, which is widely used by black women. Synthetic waves extensions is disposable product, but the Hair Bundles are totally different, which can be reused, styled and also colored. There is a common point between synthetic waves and human hair waves, same style of waves can be designed into many difference styles by a professional stylist while fixing.

Secondly, when we talk about Human Hair Bundles only, that means we are talking about stick hair, nail hair, pin hair, micro loop, stick tip extensions, and most big sale on the market is clip in hair extensions. They do not have weft for those extensions. Different style have different way for people to fix. Those kinds of extensions are widely used by black woman and white woman. Especially, those type of extensions can bring out the full-density and bouncy look!

Thirdly, bulk hair is also belong to hair extensions. Normally, those hair products have no weft around, which was gathered from single donor, and wrapped by band or rope. Most of bulk hair are 100 percent human hair without any chemical processing. It usually only have curly and straight style to satisfy the hair product users, but it surely bring them enough healthy beauty.

About hair wigs, there are so many ways to separate the wig into different type. There are human hair wigs and Synthetic wigs according to the hair materials. There are handmade wigs and machine-made wigs because of difference craft. There are normal wigs and lace wigs on account of laces.

About closures, lace closures and lace frontal are main style which belong to closures. Closures are specially designed for those who is looking for natural appearance. The hair really grows from the scalp. "Scalp" is one kind of laces with natural brown color. Hair are manually tied to this thin breathable lace fabric. Generally speaking, we call closures as closure pieces, those pieces can be sewed behind the hairline to corporate with waves or caps while giving the appearance of a natural scalp area. So far, there are many kinds of closures are designed to achieve beautiful look for consumers. The closures can be subdivided  into three part, middle part and free part, and for weaves they share body style, straight style, natural wave style and so on. Most of hair closures have baby hair, that makes hair closure of being lightweight and soft to touch.

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