The best Brazilian Hair or hair weaves are mainly used to enhance the facial beauty of a person, for which the 100% human virgin hair weave or hair extensions are sewed into the natural hairs of the user.  These real human hair extensions and hair weaves are added for making the volume of hairs look thicker and luxurious. The Brazilian Hair Bundles also make the hairs more attractive due to the addition of bright colored streaks. But even the best hair extensions need proper care and regular attention, to prevent any damage of these hair extensions and also of the usual hairs on the head.

Steps taken for providing adequate care of the best hair extensions

Brazilian hair extensions which are made of real Human Hair Bundles, must be washed regularly with mild shampoo that needs to be free of sulfate or paraben, to avoid any harm to the hair strands; plus, this is great for your natural hair as sulfate damages your natural hair as well.

It is better not to use any chlorinated or salty water for washing these hair extensions. But if chlorine-free water is not available, then the only option is to use any dechlorinating shampoo of popular brand that can remove all the ill effects of the chlorine.

If the hair extensions become very dry and tangled after prolonged use, then it is wise to wash them with any light oily and sulfate-free shampoo that can be easily purchased online from any popular shopping site.

The hair extensions should not be washed at night, as it is not right to sleep leaving the hair extensions in wet condition, to avoid any wear and tear of these 100% human virgin hair extensions. Actually, at night, the dry hair extensions should be carefully turned into braids or ponytails, in completely dry state. But utmost care should be taken not to pull these hair extensions, to prevent breakage.  Excessive pulling on natural hair is what can cause breakage as well.

The hair extensions should be brushed daily with a soft-bristled hair brush, so that the strands do not get tangled with each other or with the natural hairs. But no extra force should be applied while combing these hairs extensions, so that the double weft strands are not detached from the bunch of hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions should never be styled by the application of even slightest heat, as the synthetic fibers can melt on any risen temperature.  With our best hair extensions which our 100% virgin human hair extensions, can be styled with heat.  Just be careful not to go too excessive as hot curler, flat irons, and other heating devices are not good for natural hair as well and can cause damage, brittleness, dryness, breakage, and other damage to natural hair.

The hair extensions and hair weave can be removed from the head.  It is recommended that you do so periodically to thoroughly clean hair extensions as well as natural hair and get hair touched up and maintained by a professional stylist for best results and to increase length of use of Brazilian hair extensions and Remy hair extensions.

All the hair extensions should be well moisturized by combing lightly with a little amount of hair conditioner, to make them ready for any kind of hair styling.

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