Some women prefer a unique look by wearing Human Hair Weave. Aside from the unique charm these wigs provide, they are also comfortable to wear. But they are quite tough to take care of because unlike Malaysian Hair, regular and strict maintenance is needed to maintain the quality and texture of these African American wigs.

To maintain your African American hairpieces properly, here is what you need to do.
1. Brush your wigs using the right wig brush. Before washing your Lace Wigs, brushing it is recommended to remove the tangles. Wet hair is more difficult to manage and the tangles can cause breakage or shedding.

2. Just like natural hair, wash your wigs regularly to make them last longer. This measure is applicable not only for African American wigs but for all wigs in general. Washing your wigs remove all the dirt and particulates stuck on it, which leaves it clean and preserves its quality. Apply mild shampoo and conditioner to clean the wigs thoroughly, and leave them smooth and shiny.

3. Dry your African American hairpieces properly, in ambient air and not with the use of a hair dryer. High heat can make your wigs weak that lead to drying. This also makes the strands weak, which can cause shedding. If not addressed, your wig will get thinner and it will be unattractive to use.

4. Store your wigs in a proper location that is free from high heat and prevent tangling event when not in use. Keep them away from direct sunlight and put them inside a box or a bag so that they will not get trampled.

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