Brazilian Hair is widely regarded as one of the best choices for extensions. In particular, virgin hair, or hair that hasn't undergone any type of chemical processing, will create better, stronger and more natural looking extensions than hair that has been processed. Untreated, natural hair may cost more than either previously treated natural hair or synthetics, but the quality is significantly better.

Collection Method Matters
The best hair extensions are Virgin Hair Bundles. In addition to have never seen any kind of treatment, this type of hair has been collected and gathered such that all the cuticles face the same direction. When an extension is created with hairs facing different directions, the finished look is not as smooth. In particular, virgin remy straight Brazilian Body Wave Hair offers the sheen and glossiness that may be seen on famous celebrities in red carpet events.

Know What You Want
Is your goal additional length, more volume, or both? Knowing what you want from your extensions allows you to make the best investment. If you want long, glossy hair halfway down your back, Brazilian straight hair is an excellent choice. If you're looking to increase the volume of your hair, a smaller, shorter clip in piece may be sufficient. Noted hair extensions sources like WestKiss Hair offer a wide variety quality hair extensions that can blend seamlessly with your existing hair for the most natural look.

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