Lace wigs can last up to a year with proper care. They are quite expensive so it is very important to know how to care for them. Consider your wig to be an investment that you can use for many years to come if you maintain it well. Bear in mind that if it is made with real Brazilian Virgin Hair the will need to be cared for like your own hair. Not only must the hair be looked after but also the lace base or cap.

Washing your wig:
You should use cool water for synthetic hair and warm water for Human Hair Weave and a shampoo for dry damaged hair. This is because it will be gentle on the hair and the lace base. Never use hot water as this will very likely shrink the Bundles With Closure. You should place your lace wig on a manikin when washing so that you are in control and the wig keeps its shape. Always try to use a conditioner, as this will keep the hair looking good. Be sure that you do not twist the wig while washing and do not apply the shampoo directly on the wig.Always put the shampoo on your hands first and rub in gently. Never use a blow dryer, because the heat will shrink the base and it will dry out the hair.

Looking after the hair on your lace wig:
Always use low heat on styling tools, because this will help to preserve the hair. The wigs should be brushed daily, but not vigorously as the hair will not grow back as your own hair will. Knots should be carefully untangled by hand so that the hair is not damaged. You should never expose lace wigs to direct sunshine in order to dry them. Always store your wig in a clean and shade place without press when not in use. Maybe in a box which the dirt can not access in, I don’t think keep it on a wig stand is a good idea as it will get dirt

Caring for the base of lace wigs:
It is important to understand that lace is a delicate fabric especially French Lace, which many of the high end wigs are made of. The thinner the lace the less easily people will recognize that you are wearing a wig. Be careful what adhesives and tapes you use for applying your lace wig. Be sure that these products will be gentle on your wig. Always remove the wig carefully so that it does no trip or tear. It is wise to remove your wig when you sleep. Try to keep your real hair and scalp clean so that your wig base will stay grime free.

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