Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. And c’mon, we women do not just want to leave ourselves for a bad hair day. So what we basically mean to portray is, Never, Never and Never give up on your hair. It is the most precious and prized possession that you have acquired in the growing years of your life and still possessing the same.

Basically, when we turn up with the concept of hair extensions to make you look exemplarily beautiful! The entire thing about virgin hair extensions depends on the quality and the type of hair. In our last post, we have infused you with the knowledge of the difference between Brazilian Hair extensions and Peruvian Hair Extensions. But then we have come across women who are in a dilemma regarding the quality and difference between Brazilian and Peruvian Hair extensions.

To gain and style for an astonishingly pulchritudinous look, we are taking you for a friendly debate between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. Obviously, both have different origination and hair quality and hairstyle. But what is the best for you? We need to venture into the journey of the different types of Human Hair Bundles. Let’s take the ride.

Brazilian Hair
One of the most beautiful and selected hair extensions in the market, Brazilian Hair extensions is most versatile. They have huge volume and luminous shine. There are different patterns of Brazilian hair and the use of hair styling products are always welcome. Though when you are exposed to the humid environment, the wavy hair will be back to its originality! In comparison to Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair showcases wide color ranges, different lengths, and is quite shinier and thicker than the comparative hair. No special maintenance is needed; rather it blends well with any hairstyle.

Peruvian Hair
Usually, have a thicker and coarser texture than Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is quite light in weight. There are different patterns as that of the Brazilian hair. The plus point being it is highly manageable even when you haven’t got the time to maintain it properly. The curls might not be able to hold as much as the other extensions due to its soft texture. This type of hair is extremely popular among the African-American Women.

Both the types of Virgin hair have their own specialty and beauty. Both the types of hair can highly complement any hair type. If you are waiting for an everyday wear, Peruvian Hair is the best selection. You can use styling tools to keep it curly. On the other hand, if you are looking for versatile, durable, lusturous hair and Brazilian hair extension is the best choice. Now, it is up to you which is the one that you want to choose and want to style with. “Can’t say it enough! Change your hair and change your life, wear the beautiful crown that you have hidden in sight.”

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