The use of hairpieces and Brazilian Hair Bundles has been around since the days of Cleopatra, slowly evolving into a major industry as women sought to beautify themselves by emulating the Brazilian Hair. Today, the sky is the limit for ladies who desire to achieve the flowing, luxurious locks of their favorite celebrities and turn men's heads. Achieving numerous glamorous lengths and textures in a single salon visit is so easy today, that a salon customer can have Cheap Hair Bundles!Modern hair weaving not only provides wondrous length, it can add thickness and volume to thin hair, or supply color and streaks minus harmful chemical processing.The key to any weave style or process however, is to buy the best hair possible.

1.Choose Remy. The two main types of hair extensions are synthetic and human. Of the two, human hair is the best. Although cheaper, synthetic hair can't be hot styled, and some women are allergic to the fibers, causing them to break out in a rash when it comes in contact with their skin.With human hair, no two products are the same. Some hair manufacturers will claim to make 100% human hair when in reality, it is a mix of human and synthetic. Others are poorly processed, and can easily mat and tangle, especially after being washed. If you want your weave style to last, you must buy top of the line human hair. It may be more expensive, but it will be well worth the cost.

2.Buy smaller wefts. Many women buy hair in loose bulk for infusion, strand-by-strand applications or individual braiding, but if you want a glue bonded or sew in style, you need to purchase wefted hair. A hair weft is the horizontal attachment base that the strands of hair are sewn into. Wefted hair comes in rolled bundles and are laid out and cut to size. There are two types of hair wefts available on the market, machine and hand tied.

3.Get your hands on it. No amount of Internet research is going to replace the hands on feel of the hair. This is why it is best to visit a beauty supply shop or salon to see the hair you are interested in buying first hand. There are hundreds of product lines, and once you become familiar with a one you like, you can order it online.As you examine the hair, look to see if the strands are solidly attached to the weft by raking your fingers through it. If it sheds, then you have a problem. The last thing you want is to have strands of hair blocking your shower drain, or a style that thins out over time. Also, some hair contains dyes that wash our and leave the hair looking dull and lifeless. You can check this by moistening the tip of your finger and rubbing the strands. If the color rubs off on your finger, don't buy it.

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