Knowing how to recondition Brazilian Hair keeps you looking your best when you need to wear them. Reconditioning makes an old, matted wig look new, shiny and silky. Using minimal materials you can recondition wigs with ease at home. This eliminates the need for professional cleaning services. It also saves you from having to Human Hair Weave.

1. Fill a 20-oz. spray bottle with 5 oz. of heavy cream hair conditioner. Use a dense conditioner that is formulated for dry and Weave Hair. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water. Secure the lid on the bottle and vigorously shake it to disperse the conditioner throughout the water.

2. Lightly spray the entire surface of the wig with the solution.Use the wide tooth comb to gently detangle the wig. Start at the ends, combing downward, and work your way up. Spray the hair a second time, if needed, without saturating it. Comb the hair with the wide tooth comb until it is smooth and free of knots.

3. Rub small amount of olive oil to between the palms of your hands. Smooth your hands evenly over the wig.

4. Run the comb through the hair a final time. This distributes the light application of olive oil through the hair of the wig and gives it a healthy-looking sheen.

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