Both Indian and Brazilian Hair Bundles are popular. However, before buying either Indian hair or Brazilian hair, there is a need to understand the basic difference between the two. Both of them are unique in their own ways and have their own advantages and shortcomings. Understanding the basic difference and pros and cons will help customers to identify the right hair when they are out in the market. Whether is it Brazilian Hair or some other form of Brazilian hair unless you are able to make out the basic difference as a customer, you could end up buying the wrong Hair Bundles.

Indian Hair
There are some reasons for the huge demand for Indian hair. It is mainly because of its length, quality, texture and softness. Hence Indian hair could be the obvious choice for those who are looking for the right solution for their wigs and hair extensions. Indian hair is also versatile and it is also easily available. It has the best of density and quality Indian hair is bouncy, airy and light. At the same time, it also is possible to easily curl and style Indian hair. It does not require too much use of hair products but continues to remain in good shape. It has the capability of easily blending with other hair textures. There are basically two types of Indian hair, one is fine and silk and other one slightly coarse. However, when used in cold and snowy conditions, Indian hair tends to become frizzy and even swell. Hence, it is quite common to seen many Indian hair users going in for anti-frizz hair products.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian hair also has its unique features and specialties. When compared with Indian hair, Brazilian hair wave has better capability to handle moisture and cold climate. Hence, they do not become as frizzy as is the case with Indian hair. It also is quite durable, soft and also thick and dense at the same time. It can easily blend with other hair textures including African hair and Caucasian hair. It also holds curls much better when compared to Indian hairs and therefore those who are looking for curls mostly prefer to go in for Brazilian hair.

Then choosing Brazilian hair could be the best way forward.It would be wrong to pit Indian hair against Brazilian hair and try to come out with a verdict as to which is better. Both have their own pros, cons and special uses. Let the end user decide as to which is a better option, rather than we trying to pass a judgment.

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