Brazilian Hair extensions can quickly change your hair length, texture or tone. It can be expensive to purchase hair extensions attached to clips and have them put in professionally. You can do it yourself without damaging your Human Hair Weave and save a lot of money. You can look glamorous any time of day by clipping in Human Hair Extensions.

1、Measure the extension to fit your head from ear to ear above the ears. Cut the extension a quarter of an inch shorter than the measurement. This ensures that once you put the clips on, the extension will not be too long. Continue to measure and cut the extension to the nape evenly spaced.

2、Place the clips on the weft of the hair extension with prongs facing outward. Sew the right end of the hair extension through the hole of the clip through the thick weft of the extension until sewn through all the holes of the clip. Keep the edge of the clip flush with the extension and tight. Sew the left end of the hair extension to another clip through the holes and thick weft.

3、Sew two clips to each hair extension you want to use.

4、Part your hair where you made your lowest measurements. Open the clips and gently slide the clip into the hair. Push the clip on the edges into the scalp to lock closed. Continue to part the hair and place the extensions into the hair. You can make bangs as well by using a short-width extension with one or two clips.

5、Comb and style your hair as desired making sure the clips and wefts are covered.

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