What is a full lace wig? Brazilian Hair are wigs manufactured with a cap, a thin lace sewn on top of the cap, and individual hairs sewn into the thin lace. They will have lace all around the unit, and require the lace to be cut for installation. By doing so, once done you can wear your hair anyway you like, ponytails. Full lace wigs are breathable, light and can be parted anywhere within the unit. Our 100% Human Hair Weave units are hand-tied by our skilled workmen and women. They use a lace net and each hair is knotted through strand by strand.

Full lace wigs typically have a freestyle parting, which allows you to part your hair into anywhere you wanted. Whether you want to wear your Weave Hair in an up-do, a ponytail, or even just to expose the nape of your neck, a full lace wig allows you to work however you want it to. You can treat a full lace wig as you would your regular hair. 

The Difference Between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig
A full lace front wig is capable of being parted anywhere on the scalp. They work great if you are going to have the hair going back giving a completely natural hairline worn back or down. The lace front wigs have the lace in the forehead of the wig only. You still get the completely natural look but with the front lace you cannot put it back in a tight pony tail because the back of the wig will have the tracks or lace showing.

Can Full Lace Wigs Be Styled?
Yes, our wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair. They can be blown out or curled. Do as you would with your own hair. Color and/or perming should be done by a professional hairdresser to achieve the best results.

Can You Wear Full Lace Wigs to the Gym or Pool?
Yes. You can do your usual activities with any of our full lace wigs on. Only avoid swimming or getting it wet with sweat for 24 hours after applying adhesives & tapes.

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