People who have installed hair extension may find that Brazilian Hair become weave tangled even unrecognizable. When facing with such a mess, you are crazy about it and feel sad that nothing gold can stay. Hereby, we are discussing “How to bring Human Hair Weave back to life.”

First of all, it is essential to have a Weave Hair. That is always the reason why you are hesitating to give up the expensive hair product. Try to detangle your hair gently instead of ripping out. Certain hair oil is recommended in this process. Then, wash and deep condition the hair with suitable shampoo products. After several months, I believe you know which kind of hair wash product works well with your hair extension. In order to have full condition, let your hair sock in the water for a while. After taking out, dry your hair extension by air instead of blow dryer. When you adhere to take care of your hair with right products, nursing knowledge by heat, it is easy to bring your hair extension back to life.

However, there is another way for you to bring hair extension back to life, referring to change hair’s pattern as well as color. Take it for example, as for how to prolong the life of brazilin wave hair extension, we advise you to change as the following process.

When you install body wave brazilin hair and maintain it for several months, you come to realize that hair’s pattern is not the same as before. Well, it is a good time for you to straighten it. After having a flat iron, you find your hair extension looks shiny and silky. You wear a brazilin straight hair for about 5 months and want to re-install.  Dye your hair is a good choose for you to choose from. When you wear an ombre hair out, people think you have changed a new look because of your colored hair.

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