A beautiful curly hair styling, or mature intellectual waves. Both are female favorite. Brazilian Hair Bundles, such as Indian curl, deep curl, kinky curl, this kind of curly hair requires high maintenance to maintain its state. Brazilian Hair will tangle, as long as you want. However, do you know how to take care of brazilian curls, Here are some helpful tips.

WASH – Wash your hair every one or two weeks. Another when cleaning the curly wavy Hair Bundles, remember, it is best not to use ordinary shampoo to clean, I suggest you use a professional hair wig maintenance solution to clean to ensure the wig of life.

DRYING –As air dry as possible. If it is not, you could use a diffuser accessory with a blower. Too much heat will loose curls. In the use of hair dryer blowing hair, it should be noted that the hair from the hair to the direction of the hair blowing, otherwise it will be the hair layer of the skin layer of the skin blowing, making the hair suffered damage that could have been avoided. In addition, the hair dryer should also move along the direction of the comb, the hair can produce luster, look bright, and easy to take shape.

DETANGLING - thoroughly wet hair. For the dry and bifurcated hair, the best way is to use high-speed nutrition for care. Hairdressing experts recommend the use of ingredients containing almond ingredients to protect the hair and increase the strength of hair, so that the curly hair more healthy abundance. This is because the almond essence is more likely to penetrate into the damaged hair, from the inside of the hair repair, so that the rapid recovery of curly hair.

MODELING PRODUCTS - In the curly hair styling, most people will choose jelly water. With the gel water will make the hair more heavy and gave a sense of depression, it is suitable for heavy hair. When you wash your jelly water, gently rub up by the hair tip, do not pull down from the hair, make the hair straight, destroy the volume, usually in the hair seven or eight into the dry when the effect is better.

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