In all kinds of Brazilian Hair can be dvided into two, virgin human hair and artificial wigs. Face so many hair wig, many people will be puzzled How to distinguish, choose virgin Peruvian Hair and artificial wigs.

First of all virgin human hair is made of Human Hair Bundles, so people have the hair characteristics, it is more realistic, and can be hot dye, stand the high temperature. The artificial wig is made of artificial protein wigs, as the name suggests is to use the best material in the fiber after the synthesis of woven, durable second only to the 100 brazilian virgin remy unprocessed human hair. Simulation is also very high. The main feature is that with the artificial protein can not afford high temperature, not hot dye.

1. Arbitrarily extract one or two hair, with a lighter to burn, hair will become a black ball in the event of fire, gently rub it by hand, it becomes a powder, smell there is a burning smell of the protein. Fiber fire will become hard and hard ball, rub not open, and there is a taste of nylon burned.

2. The artificial wigs temperature of the heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees -200 degrees, so you can choose a ray of hair with a straight plate or point roll with the artificial wigs temperature of 220 degrees Celsius heating straight or curved, , No coke is real brazilian human hair.

3. really hair layer with a layer of hair scales, like a little fish scales, along the touch when the very smooth, but in turn touched the time, the feeling is not very smooth, you could listen "Zi" about the sound, which is a very professional way to tell true wigs.

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