What do you know about wig? Do you really realize your Brazilian Hair wig and how to maintain it? Now, Let’s talk about it. There are some suggestions recommend you.

How to extend the life of wig?
Our human hair is 100% virgin Human Hair Weave. When you put on your wig, you should find the right position and  adjust your wig gently. One the one hand, don’t burn in the sun. On the other hand, when you clean your Weave Hair, comb the hairpiece with a comb with a thin gap. It is better to use less gel, hair wax and other hairspray on the hairpiece.

How to wash your wig?
The maintenance and washing of wigs is as simple as washing our own hair. The first step of cleaning is to soak the hair with warm water, the flexible shampoo can be added in the process of cleaning, and then gently grasp the hair with the hand can be, do not use the hand wring, too hard will cause false divergence. After cleaning, hair products can be used to maintain the wig, after all, the wig can not be as real hair as nutrition from the body. Therefore, you should go to the salon for special maintenance on time.

The right way to store the wig
Casual storage of the wig will make the wig damp or bite by the insect, resulting in hair damage. So if you do not use for a period of time, you should save properly. After the wig is thoroughly cleaned, it is dried in a cool place and stored in a dry and ventilated place, which can extend the life of the wig, and do not fold the wig, which will make the hair crease.

Maintaining your wig properly will extent the life of it and make it look fresh. Hoping these suggestions can help you. See you next time!

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