The best human hair extensions are usually incredibly pricey and hard to find. It seems that there’s always something wrong with the extensions you get down to your local store or hairdresser. Yolissa Hair extensions have become extensively more common in recent years due to the fashion trend.

Hair extensions are a great way to give you Peruvian Hair that volume you desire. With a few hand movements, the hairstyle you have been trying to get for months can be achieved within a few seconds. Once you’re back home from a night out or your daily routine, you can simply go back to your natural self by removing those extensions.

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair extensions are primarily designed for thicker hair types, which is why this method tends to be dominated by black hair extensions brands. The Brazilian Hair is braided into a corn row, and extensions are then attached using a needle and thread. As weave extensions can be quite tough on the hair and the head, this method is not recommended for fine tresses. Weave hair extensions can last anywhere between 2-6 months depending on maintenance.

Type Hair Extensions

There are various different types of Human Hair Bundles as there are various types of different hair such as Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair and Indian hair extensions. For instance, you can have different hair colors and have to find the right shade for your hair or alternatively you may be looking for some extensions which have a certain shape or form already. Then there are different length sizes and qualities as well.

Typically human hair extensions can be a bit more expensive than other material. Finding very long extensions can be a bit tougher to locate as it takes the time to grow hair to a certain length. It is also harder to find your exact match. However, we will make sure you find your shade!

It should also be noted that it’s important to find the right type of hair. Since they are coming from actual hair, the slightest difference can offset and immediately show that you have extensions, so color is as important as texture.

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