If you got Brazilian Hair, you will want to know if the hair length is the same you ordered. So here are the questions, how to precisely measure Hair Length of your Human Hair Weave?

Here Are Some Answers Collected From Women On How They Measure Their Hair Length

With a measuring tape, measured from the front of my forehead, along the top crown and down to the ends. Actually, my sister does the measuring since it's not possible for me to measure my Human Hair Bundles correctly.

I measure from hairline over my head and to the back with a piece of yarn, then measure the yarn with a measuring tape, ha ha! I really need to go buy a soft measuring tape one of these days....

When I used to measure, I would hold the start of a measuring tape at the front forehead hairline and have someone else draw it over the top of my head and then also down the length down the back, in the center, which is where hair grows the thickest, and longest usually (for most). I am not positive if this is precisely.

Hair Wig Lengths - How to Measure?

You may not think that length is that important but it is… wig length is a crucial part of the choosing process as the way the wig falls will determine how well it suits you.

The hair length should be from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs are processed from straight wigs, so in the same length, curly and wavy wigs will be shorter by 1-2 inches than straight wigs. It is always a good idea to order the hair a little longer if you are not sure, as it can be trimmed or styled shorter.

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