This article will provide some advice about how to take care of your Brazilian Hair, those methods can makes your hair extensions last longer time and looks better when you wear it.

The first method is separate your Brazilian Straight Hair bonds every day. This is one of the most important way to aftercare your hair extensions. You should better do this in the morning, you need separate each bond with your fingers to ensure they are sitting separately. This will makes the Human Hair Weave no tangle at the roots, and it will be easier to remove it.

The second method is use the correct way to wash the hair. You should better use warm water to wash your hair, instead of hot water. Because the hot water maybe influence the bonds of the hair extensions, and if you use shampoo and conditioner, make sure them did not affect the hair extension bonds, that will also makes the extension slip.

The third method is brush your hair gently. Make sure brush your hair gently, do not pulling on the hair extensions, you can use hair extension brush to brush your hair, that will be better.

The fourth method is never sleep when you hair wet. If you sleep with wet hair, the hair will be tangle, so make sure dry your hair before you go to bed.

The fifth method is use deep conditioning treatments on your extensions weekly. Even you use shampoo and conditioner , but you should also do a deep conditioning treatment, because the extension is not like your own hair, it can get natural oils from the scalp to help keep them soft and healthy, this means you need use some oil based products to take care of your hair.

And remember do not wear the hair extension go to swimming pool or sea water, because the chlorine or minerals in sea will damage your hair, it can makes your hair very dry and makes it very terrible. So you should better do not wear the hair extensions to go swimming.

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