Adding volume and length to your hair is now easily accomplished using hair extensions. Achieving great results relies in part on choosing the right kind of extensions. For example,  Straight Hair Bundles are among the most popular types out there and for good reason. Virgin Brazilian hair, available from trusted suppliers like WigginsHair, is a prime contender for top quality. It’s pretty much tangle-free, natural-looking, and long-lasting.

Making the Most Out of Your Extensions
However, choosing the Body Wave Hair is just one part. To truly reap the benefits of quality and make it last as long as it can, you’ll need to exercise proper maintenance. Read on for advice on how to do this:

Dry Shampoo - This is a must-have for any weave-wearer. It is recommended when in-between salon visits or if you simply don’t have the time to wash your hair at home. It helps in regulating the hair’s oil level.

Care Products Based on Texture - Choose products depending on your hair’s texture: light conditioner for straight ones and moisturizing or detangling conditioner for curly or Brazilian Hair Weave.

Care for Your Actual Hair Too
Maintaining your extensions goes in tandem with caring for the real hair underneath.:

Not Too Long - The laws of gravity apply to hair extensions, too. The longer they are, the harder they pull your natural hair down, thus stressing out the roots of your natural hair as well as the bonds used to attach them. Be realistic with the choice of length when purchasing extensions.

The Scalp Needs Oil - The scalp has a greater tendency of drying up when wearing extensions. Thus, you need to give it the moisture it needs. For this, use light oil and apply it to the scalp using a bottle with a long nose. Doing this once a week is enough, but twice a week is ideal.

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