In the Winter, Brazilian Curly Hair are one of the most popular hair types, the curly hair extensions are made of synthetic and virgin hair, real human curly hair weaves are thick, soft, silky in texture, minimal shedding and tangle free. Usually human virgin straight hair has minimal shedding, but curly hair will have a normal amount of shedding. Because weaves are made of true virgin hair, the curly hair needs a lot moisture and maintenance. To activate the curls, you will need to condition the weaves with a moisturizing conditioner often.

Here I will introduce some tips on how to keep your curly hair perfectly.

First you need to keep your own curly hair clean and soft, please co-wash it twice each week and leave the Deep Wave Hair in the conditioner longer to get more nutrition to make the hair extension more smooth and soft.

Let your hair air dry and flat on the desk to do not hang out it will lost the Loose Deep Wave Hair. You’d better not blow dry it, if you have to do, please dry it under a cold wind setting.

Before you use heat tools or restyle the hair, always use a protectant to avoid hair breakage or you can let your hairstylist help you do that.

When bleaching your curly hair extensions, please use a neutralizing shampoo to stop chemicals, and then use hair mask to repair the hair after bleaching.

Make braids when sleeping or wear a sleeping cap to protect your curly hair , so your curly or wavy hair will become more textured.

Every day you can just use your fingers to cross the hair do not use comb brush it. You can spray some oil on the curly hair and use the fingers to let hair assimilate the oil very well.

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