Wearing the ombre hair extension is the quickest, easiest and safest way to add the volume, length and the color effect to your Brazilian Hair. The term ombre hair extension comes from the French word which means multi-colored. Generally, the effect of ombre hair extension is that darker hair growing from the scalps roots becomes precipitously lighter toward the ends. And ombre hair extensions can be installed with micro ring, fusion or skin weft. However, not all Human Hair Wigs can make you beautiful and glamorous, sometimes, it will look fake and wash you out. So how to make you ombre hair extension look natural?

First of all, choose the good quality hair extension. This is the most important step and first step. As the most important factor of ombre extensions is the fade and blend in the ombre extensions. Not all ombre hair extensions are equally good quality and some companies make the fading that doesn't even blend at all due to mass production, which cause the hair look unnatural and even fake. What’s more, the Brazilian Hair Weave looks more natural than synthetic hair extensions. So you should choose the high quality ombre human hair extensions which faded and blended naturally and perfectly.Keep in mind, a more natural fade will look most natural, for example the chestnut brown ombre is the most popular as it looks natural and blends well.

Secondly, choose the suitable hair color, including base color and ombre color. If your hair is short or medium, it is easy to pick a color which will blend effortlessly with your natural hair. What you should do is just select the suitable base color of your hair extension which match well with your own hair. As for the ombre hair, you can choose the color which you like and is popular. And you don’t need to dye your own hair to match the ombre hair and thus you can change your ombre hair extensions freely. If your hair is long, you need to dye the ends of your hair to match the current ombre hair extension you buy. If you long hair is one solid color and you didn’t dye your hair, it will not look unnatural and most will recognize that you are wearing hair extensions. Keep in mind that you can go 1-3 shades within your ombre colors and it will still blend well.

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