As we talk about Human Hair Weave, there are many textures can be chosen. Such as deep wave, curly wave, loose wave, water wave and straight hair extension. But what are the characteristics of these hair textures and how do we choose?

1.Deep wave hair extension
Deep wave hair extension is one shape that is clearly curly can be seen but not over-dramatic style. Its texture wave is smooth and natural. If you want to try a wavy hair for the first time, I would recommend the Lace Wigs weft. it is fit for all the age and can greatly adorn your face.

2.Curly wave hair extension
Curly wave hair extension is very similar to the deep one. But its curl is smaller than deep. And the kinky curly hair looks lighter and really really more stylish. Curly wave hair look is full of youthful and dynamic so that many fashion models also choose this Full Lace Wigs look. If you want to challenge yourself to look more energetic, you can choose the curly wave hair extension.

3.Water wave hair extension
Water wave is between deep wave and curly wave, its curl is big than curly but small than deep.Its pattern like water wavy, It makes your hair look thicker. Many fashionistas who want to try a new style will choose it, which makes you look more attractive

4.Loose wave hair Extension
Loose wave human hair extension is a big loose wave, this texture is much similar to body wave, but the loose wave is a little bit more curly. It is a big sexy wave look but not just about , loose wave human hair weaving can be made in different styles if you like.

5.Body wave hair extension
Body wave is one of the most natural waves,It just has a small bend Angle, so many customers will find that the wave doesn't hold well after washing.But with just a little bit of temperature, it's easy to take your hair stretcher or crook and make it any curve you want.

6.Straight hair weave
Straight hair is the first choice that a lot of people buy when hair extension, it won't be fixed at a kind of grain, you can make it any modelling according to your like.It is also the best texture to do, and the most convenient in daily care and cleaning.

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