Wigs have been worn for centuries for a variety of purposes, such as to hide baldness or to alter a person's appearance. Making your own Human Hair Weave is extremely cost-effective and provides the advantage of being able to customize it exactly to your liking. If made well and properly maintained, a wig can last for many years.

1. Place the Lace Wigs cap on the client's head, just as she will be wearing the wig. Wig caps are made extremely large so they can fit any size of head and so there is often an excess part of the cap at the top. Cut half of the length off of this excess part.

2. Remove the Full Lace Wigs cap from the client's head and sew the hole at the top of the cap closed using a basic chain stitch with black thread and the straight needle.

3. Place the wig cap on the mannequin head just as the client would wear it and secure the edges using thumbtacks.

4. Sew the hair tracks to the cap starting at the nape of the neck using a basic chain stitch with thread that is a similar color to the hair and the C needle.

5. Continue sewing horizontal rows of hair tracks until you reach above the ears. Sew tracks in full circles until there is no more space left on the wig cap and all that remains is a small circular gap.

6. Remove the wig from the mannequin and ensure that there are no gaps and that all of the hair tracks are securely in place.

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