For many years it was frowned upon for African American women to wear any color in their Human Hair Wigs that wasn’t black. But now we are happy to see our young and older Queens rocking beautiful and voluminous golden locks. So why is it that more and more Black Women are falling in love with Lace Front Wigs ?

What is a Lace Front Wig?
A lace front wig is like any other lace wig, meaning it has the same construction. In the simplest context manufacturers hand tie human hair on to a sheer lace the resembles our natural scalp. This technique gives anyone the illusion that the hair is growing from our actual scalp. Since it’s somewhat of a rarity to see black women with Remy Human Hair make it a little easier by constructing lace front wigs in that shade.

Lace Frontal Wig Features
So, although  lace frontals can appear the same as many others they do have some interesting features that I think would be awesome to mention. Number one, the hairline is impeccable, all lace frontals come with a very realistic hairline that you can pluck to become your own. Also adding in a few baby hairs will add to the authenticity, and great news is that tons of weave companies are creating wigs with baby hairs already created. Another important feature is that the lace will go from ear to ear. The best and most important part of your Frontal is making sure the lace covers the entire top section of your head.

You Can Dye  Lace Frontal Wigs!
As we mentioned before  weave is the kind you can dye the most. You must strip darker hair of its natural color by bleaching it, and then you add the color you want. Bleaching hair causes damage, split ends, and excessive shedding. So, since 613 Hair is already  you get the chance to skip the intense bleaching part of the process and go straight to the coloring.

The same goes for blond lace front wigs. We would just say be careful when dying the top of the hair because sometimes it can seem into the lace causing it to be the same color as the dye. The best tip when it comes down to coloring your  lace frontal wig is to separate the hair into sections and the tracks as you get closer to the top to avoid having the dye bleed through the Frontal. So, we completely understand if you try  hair and end up not loving it, but on a positive note you can dye it any other color you like with ease.