For many foreigners, freedom in wigs is more important than freedom in cherries. In the whirlwind of global hair loss, wigs are playing an increasingly tough role. Shedding has become a global problem, with a hair wig bought every two seconds, lace front human hair wig becomes a must-have for overseas consumers, according to a global "appearance level economy" report released in 2019.
The biggest importer of HD lace wigs to China is the United States, followed by Britain, France and South Africa. The value of imports to the United States was $685.3 million in 2016, up from $51.6 million in 1992. In particular, hair products in Africa reached 4.3 billion us dollars in 2017, with ten countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania, significantly increasing their consumption of lace frontal wigs.
Wig sales peak in October each year, and the reasons for the craze vary from country to country.
European market: predominantly white products, wigs are not just a fashion plaything for the rich. In Europe and other developed countries, in addition to wearing don't pay attention to, the wig workmanship, hair also have very strict requirements.
American market: mainly black hair curtain and headgear; Wig is not only a necessary consumer goods, but also as a fashion vane. For many young Americans, in addition to the basic decorative role, wig has become an indispensable fashion accessories, fashion attributes.
African market: chemical fiber products and cost-effective human wig products are the best sellers. Because of the black original hair quality and ethnic characteristics, wigs in Africa is a "rigid need", in the central African trade, hair products are also indispensable.
Apparently, Lace front wig is very necessary to a lot of people. At the same time, a lot of customer also want to change their hair style when they bought one wig. Human hair wig is best choice, it can be dyed, permed and bleached. Correct coloring method will affect the lifespan of human hair lace wigs. Hope my tips is useful for you.
Step 1, to dramatically change the color of your wig, buy the color of your desired liquid fiber hair dye. Dissolve four ounces of hair dye in a gallon of water. Soak your hair in the dye for at least 45 minutes. Continue the process until you reach the desired color. Rinse your hair and use the manufacturer's recommendations carefully.
Step 2, if you want a wig some soft, a bottle of colorful lotion can solve. For even hair, pour the lotion into the spray bottle. Use spray hair, but do not wash, dry, spray on if necessary.
Step 3, if you want interesting, colorful streaks in your hair, dye it one by one with a dyed Sharpie logo or permanent dye fixer. Starting at the root, hold the dye fixative so that the broad edge of the tip is dry against the hair. Dye your hair until you get the look you want. This will be a long, slow process. So you need a lot of free time to sit down and plan to do it.
When dyeing wigs, the hair should be kept dry before adding the dye to the VAT to achieve a more accurate dyeing effect. The color is lighter, the easier it is to paint. If you want to dye your wig pieces in bright colors, silver or gold is the best choice. After dyeing, hang it to dry, like on a paper towel rack, so it doesn't touch other objects and dries evenly.
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