Does cheap, good-looking, easy-to-wear human hair wig really exist? Yes, it does exist. It is headband wig. For only $67.65, you can have three kinds of headband wigs to choose on our supernovahair, And you will get one headband for free. Let's learn about this wig with me.

A headband virgin hair bundles is a 100% virgin real hair wig with a piece of material resembling headband. This kind of wig can be slid around the head and put into place using the headband rather than clips or other fasteners.

Two-Minue Install Methods
The wig is very snug and convenient. Even if you're a wig beginner, you can wear it in less than two minutes. It is a big head friendly human hair wig.

Our West Kiss Hair headband burgundy wigs box has one free headband, the headband wig and other random gifts. And you can enjoy the bonus buy to get other accessories, such as hair bonnet silk cap, 3D hair Eyelashes and rhinestone hairbands.

Straight out of packaging the headband wig comes with a black stretchy like band material around it. You will use this to secure the wig and at the back it has a velcro as well as a strap kind of paste thingy that you use it to adjust the wig to suit your head size. It also has combs inside at the back and a set of combs at the top.

For wearing this headband burgundy lace front you can leave some of your real hair out as your edges or if you don’t want to leave your edges out you can bring the wig cap all the way to the front like wearing usual human hair wigs. But I think leaving out some of hair edges can make it looks like more natural and less like wiggy.

After finishing your cheap hair bundles, you can start to wear the headband wig without glue or other products. It takes only two minutes or less to wear it on your head, and you can adjust it to your head size with the back velcro. Then the hair wig is already on your head firmly. It is not going anywhere even do shake test.

You can only use the combs in the back instead of using all the combs at the top because it is not very necessary. But if you want to do everything perfect you can do all combs safely.

If you like the simple image, you don't have to choose other headband to decorate your wig. The black stretchy band can be your headband directly. Of course, you can wear the headband human hair bundles we give you or buy some other beautiful headbands to use on the black stretchy band. You can change different headbands according to your personal preference and don’t need to take off the hair wig. It has endless possibilities.

Now go to our mall to buy the headband lace front wigs you will get a lot of small gifts, don't miss this good opportunity, go and place an order. We will use our profession to satisfy you. We also have other kings of cheap human hair wigs on sale. Just come to have a look.

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