1.613 blonde wig
613 blonde lace wigs have always been one of the top-selling in our store. The color is bright and shining. It is like a fantasy while you standing under the sunshine with 613 blonde lace wigs on your head. Wearing it helps you to become the focus of people, and have some beautiful fashionable!
On the other hand, many buyers would like to do their own magical on 613 blonde lace wigs. You can turn it into other different colors by using your imagination. Everyone could be an artist to draw their painting. As all of us are artists in the world, we can design our colorful lives.
As all of us are artists in the world, we can design our colorful lives. But as 613 is bleached from natural black hair, it maybe easy to have dry and shedding problems, so during daily care, we should put much more than our natural color hair.
If you decided to recolor it, we suggest you could go to salon find some professional hairstylists to help. Also after recoloring, you need to pay more attention to care 5x5 closure wig. Good care will help you to care the hair well.


#27 is also called honey blonde, you can see the difference between #27 hair color and 613 blond hair color through the above picture. Colour 27 hair is more like a golden color which could make people look more sexy and bright.
27color full lace wigs are also one of the most popular blonde colors on our website. You will find that we do not just offer colors but also styles while you are surfing in the store. All styles of human hair lace wigs are available for you, like water wave, straight, curly, and body wave.

3.99j lace wigs
The burgundy wig is also called Burgundy lace wigs, it is not just a simple color, it can divide into about two colors: dark and light. (details difference please kindly check below picture to compare).
99J color is like a mix of red and purple, which can make people look more mature and attractive. If you want to get some different color of human hair lace wigs but don’t want it too eye-catching, burgundy would be your great choice.

The Ombre means the hair color gradually changes from dark to light. Just like our two-star products, Blonde Ombre hair wigs. (1B/613 human hair lace wig and #4/613 lace wig)
After all, pure color is a little boring sometimes, you could add one or two colors that you like on your lace wigs at that time to make it more interesting and lively. These ombre wigs are just in our store. We have a wide selection of colors, like burgundy, red, blue, pink, and grey. Come to click and choose colored wigs for sale human hair!

The Highlight hair bundles for sale is one color mix with the other lighter color, it could make different layers of colors on your lace wigs which could help you look unique. As shown in the following figure, highlight human hair lace wigs not only just have one hairstyle, we have water wave, straight and body wave. All kinds of hairstyles can help you fulfill whole body style to all occasions.