Wigs at home is a process that takes some time and involves specific preparation, especially if your natural hair color is dark brown or even black. Before starting the bleaching process, make sure you stack up all the necessary products: Wigs For Women, hair repair treatments, blue bleach, developer, toner, dye brush, gloves and a head plastic bag.

The weeks or even months before bleaching your Full Lace Wigs, you should care for your tresses more than you would normally do. That is to say that you should not dye your locks and, what is more, you should apply hair conditioner and masks as often as possible.

When you're prepared to start bleaching your hair, you must remember to use blue bleach, bought from professional salons, and also a developer, which helps the bleach lift the color from your tresses. Blue bleach is the best product to go for, regardless of the brand, given the fact that it helps you deal with the orange tones that your locks will get after bleaching.

Section your hair in as many strands as you please, mix the blue bleach and the developer according to the instructions and then apply the combo on your hair with a hair dye brush. Don't start with the roots, as they will have to be bleached at the end, since they discolor the fastest, compared to the rest of your tresses.

After the bleach has been on for 50 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly and apply a strong conditioner or a mask to protect your tresses from damage.Shiseido Intensive Treatment Hair Mask is a good option, as it was specially designed for seriously damaged hair.

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